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Reducing the energy use of the total building stock is key to the prevention of global warming. Most modern office buildings use more energy for cooling than heating. Effectively managing the solar energy that passes through the transparent part of the façade is a key strategy in the prevention of overheating in both old and new buildings. Our high performance shading solutions bring substantial energy savings, while at the same time promoting health and wellbeing.



At Hunter Douglas Ireland we use a wide and varied selection of fabrics, always tailored to the meet the requirements of the commercial application. Here is a selection of fabrics that typically satisfy, light, heat and acoustic requirements, however, a larger range of fabrics is available to meet any particular needs that may arise.


Hunter Douglas honeycomb blinds act as an insulating blanket for your windows in cold months, reducing heat loss by 46% while reducing heat absorption by 78% in summer. With functionality at their core, these low weight fabrics are 100% PVC free and certified Oëkotex Standard 100.

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Fabrics play a key role in intelligent building design. 

Roller Blind fabrics are ideal for covering large windows while offering visual and thermal comfort and improving the energy performance of a building. Screen fabrics are completely recyclable and the yarns used are Oëkotex Standard 100 certified and REACH compliant.

GreenScreen Sea-Tex™ from Hunter Douglas is the world’s first sunscreen fabric made from 50% recycled ocean plastic waste.

Vertical blinds offer versatile light control, angle the vanes in different directions, close the vanes for full privacy or pull the vanes out of the way entirely. Hunter Douglas offer a wide range of fire-retardant colour palettes, in an 89mm vane width.


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