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Our product engineers at Hunter Douglas Architectural took a fresh look at roller blinds, taking the best from decades of experience to create the award-winning systems. Features to solve tricky conditions, ensure smooth and quiet operation, and lift oversize blinds with motorised, chain or crank operations. 

EOS® 500


Award winning sleek design, unrivaled strength, operating comfort and patented mechanics

Roller Blinds Close Up Photo EOS® 500 Xc



The EOS®500 system brings together the best of decades of experience. The key feature of the RB®500 roller shade system is its versatility, with components to support motorised, chain- and crank-driven mechanisms. Designed for commercial applications, this modular system allows installation in a wide range of shade sizes and positions

EOS 500


Highly durable, modular system offering a wide variety of components to build a custom roller blind tailored to the project’s requirements.

Universal spring-loaded end plug mounts shades securely and provides for smooth and easy installation;

Counterbalance weight system provides for ease of lifting roller shades over large expanses.

Modular operating system accommodates chain, crank, and motorised control;

Easy to connect multiple roller blinds side by side.


  • Universal steel, composite, and design brackets allowing fixation to the wall, ceiling, or recess. Three basic sizes to support standard, medium, and large blinds. Blinds can be back or front rolling.

  • Aluminum extruded tubes in four diameters to support blinds of different sizes and weights.

  • Spring-loaded end plug for easy installation and maintenance.

  • Universal clutch and 3:1 geared crank for left and right side operation.

  • Widths from 0.4 to 4.0 m.

  • Heights up to 6.0 m.



  • Design brackets;

  • Multiple side guiding options by spring-tensioned cable;

  • Multiple valance and cassette systems to hide and protect fabric and tube;

  • Black-out cassette and side channels;

  • Installation on mounting profile;

  • Dual shades allowing two different shading fabrics on the same window.

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Benthin® roller blind systems are available in a range of sizes, small, medium,  and large, offering the right solution for all requirements Each system includes a selection of control options, configurations, and possible applications.

A diverse and modular roller system, with the ability to build a product ranging from a basic roller blind to a full cassette, motorised blind with side channels.

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